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The Gifted

He stood in the shadows, under the tree. The rain was incessant and straight. He dug into his pocket for the pack of cigarettes. It was soggy. He dumped it back into his coat pockets.

“Those sticks will kill you”. He retorted, “Like its worth living” and continued watching intently what was happening. “The outcome is not going to change”. The other person moved close and stood by his side.

He ignored the new guy and was praying for the rain to stop. “Will you be around for long or is this one of your flash visits?” He wanted him to leave but he somehow felt that this time around the irritant would be around longer.

The stranger spoke to him in a admonishing tone, “I gave you a gift and all you use it for is observing. You rarely help and never reach out.”

The observer kept quite. “Will it change the outcome?” The observer’s question was met with silence that was only broken by sound of rain.

The observer watched the gravedigger keel over and fall into the hole he had just finished digging. He thought out aloud without really expecting and answer, “Was his death peaceful?”

The intruder maintained his silence. The observer called the emergency services and walked away with the intruder matching his step. They stopped at a grave where the observer placed a tulip.

The intruder interrupted his moment, “You have to let her go”. The observer knew the intruder was right but chose to ignore him for that moment. He took the pack of cigarettes from his pocket and left it on the tombstone.

He turned to the intruder, smiled and asked, “Coffee?” and “Breakfast too” completed the intruder.

They walked in the rain, in to the world.

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