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The Traveller and The Inn

For a traveller the inn he stays for the night is his home. For this traveller in search of answers it was no different. He was one of the many that walked in through the door. He was different though. Most wanted to see things and places and usually asked about all of it when they walked in. The traveller just wanted a room and made it clear that he was here for 2 days. That was 23 years ago. As with a traveller with purpose all he had were just necessities and the inn matched his style, frugal and secluded.

The traveller was out in search of answers but he never got them, he never needed them after his time in the inn. All due to a voice that hailed him from the gardens. The voice of a woman whose eyes shown with life and vibrancy that made him wonder if he was dreaming. They both talked a while and he asked her what the hamlet was all about and she offered to show him around.

Her noticed her awkward walk with her support stick and it made him sad as it would make her a weary soul at the fag end of the day. He declined giving excuses but she would not have any of it. The eyes and walk had taken his time but as time flowed by he also was aware that he was with a beautiful woman and her life spirit made her even more desirable and as interesting. Her easy laugh and her ability to laugh at her own walk and pain made him extend his stay a few more days. And few more days have since passed in the calendar. But the traveller was particular in one thing; treating her no different from others he knew and dealt with.

Tea was served to us by the woman of awkward walk of the inn. “The penguin’s gait”, remarked the lady. The traveller spoke to space,” Love has a vicious control over us, strange it is that we never complain about it.” And the traveller walked up to kiss the penguin, his wife of a year less than his time of stay here.

The traveller still paid rent but each year it was raised and till date he has not defaulted. The traveller was a selfish man, it was for him that he stayed there and settled there since so long. He knew what the inn keeper felt for him and what she liked about his being there. He knew she wanted to be treated as an equal and someone to love her rather than shower her with hollow sympathies.

My stay had come to an end there; it was a fruitful and fulfilling one. On the appointed hour the inn keeper asked me if I knew what made the traveller stay back so long. I replied, “He found his destination in a person than a place. I believe its time I found my inn keeper too.”

I had made the woman cry but I had no remorse about it for I knew the tears could never be of sorrow. The inn shall always be in me for life, for all travels. I walked out into the mists leaving behind the inn turning to see just a faint outline of the place that I regard as a temple; of peace, love and companionship.

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  1. dbertolin
    March 23, 2012 at 8:29 am


    • Tan
      June 3, 2012 at 4:38 pm

      SR..the flow was perfect…kept me engaged..overall..a nice one !

      • June 3, 2012 at 6:31 pm

        Thanks Tanmay, I have been working on a few ideas but the perfect twist is something that hooks the reader in just when they want to move on from the story. To get that twist in each story is a bit tough but will keep trying :).

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