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The Commander and His War

The commander knew that war was upon them and the enemy was close. Direct confrontation would lead to the massacre of his men. He ordered a retreat and his men did not like it one bit but commander was not in the war for liking it but to end it and win. He knew he needed his men for a more decisive strike.

The enemy army marched and the commander handed over the retreat to his deputy and left to go and gauge the enemy numbers and their capabilities. The commander left with a group of 20 men and saw the horde but realized that this was not a seasoned army. It was a well fed and well-trained and well paid but most of them were young and inexperienced and they were going to die by his designs. The enemy armies were travelling fairly light for the speed and they had to go through the forests for their fuel and food requirements. The commander saw that as a weakness.

He ordered his small team to set up nasty traps across the forest and keep falling back. Nature provided many treats to a trained warrior. Many of the treats were poisonous; though they did not kill they would certainly make the enemy very sick. Psychologically broken soldiers were easier to beat and break.

As the enemy forces marched into the forest, they were met with the smell and sounds of the forest. They started to rampage for food and fuel and hoarded on both. The commander and his men watched and silently fell back. They continued using their knowledge to make the forest look safe and appealing to the enemy.

Hide something in plain sight if you don’t want it found, the commander had been taught by his teacher.  The enemy army slowly got sick and slowed down. The commander sent for his most trusted friend, a doctor to aid the enemy. The doctor entered the enemy camp and helped the cause of keeping people sick. The medicines from the forest were doing their job. Nature had provided the doctor with ample ingredients to help further his cause.

The enemy general was losing valuable time and men. An armchair general, he had no idea of how combat could change. The doctor advised him to leave the sick behind and move ahead. As the enemy army moved ahead, it lost great numbers to disease and pain. The commander and his 20 men were merely helping this cause. As the soldiers of the enemy fell sick, their pace was slowed and many more were left behind.

The enemy general sent a message to the king with the progress. The problems of the king and his general were merely beginning. The king left the confines of the palace with a horde of soldiers. On the way they passed villages that put up no resistance and also helped them. The king had his ego boosted with the praise of the villagers and moved ahead. The commander was a veteran in war and had foreseen this and asked the villages to help the enemy but with designs of his own. The poisoned food and water started affecting the king and his soldiers but at a much slower rate than his general.

At each stop the sick soldier were taken care of by the locals, the very same people the soldiers were to massacre. The king finally caught up with his general and took charge but the army was demoralized with sickness and had lost the will to fight. They were merely following orders and self-preservation forced them to be ready for war.

As the sky darkened and the enemy armies camped the commander and his men decided to deliver the decisive blow. The dark night and the loss of will to fight meant the enemy army was not as alert and the commander and his men slipped into the enemy camp and kidnapped the king and his general. They used the gifts of nature to drug them and took away their clothes and weapons and killed them and buried them deep in the mountains and burnt and destroyed the clothes and weapons and retreated back to their homes.

The commander sent word to his king that peace talks could begin and the next morning with no king and general the enemy armies looked lost. When the messenger walked in with offer for talks there was confusion and when the enemy commanders finally got to the table they found no cause to wage war as the proposition was to live and let live and join and become stronger.

The commander went back home to his family and his king was happy for not having to wage a war that would cost a lot more in money, his people and their happiness and peace. The king was now ready to let his son, the commander, rule the kingdom. His son was living what he as king and teacher, had taught him over the years.

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