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The Trek – Part 2

As she descended towards the plains, the weather went dark and the cold mountain rains poured mercilessly but she was not feeling anything. A wasted journey was all she could conclude. She dragged her feet to the nearest motel and fell in bed and cried herself to sleep.

The next day she got off bed very late by her standards. The cold water splashed on her face did little to make her feel better. She just grabbed everything and wanted to get out of this place and get back home, to the safe confines she was familiar with.

She got to the station and weaved her way to the counters and got her ticket. As she waited for the train to come, the weariness of the trip was staring to get to her bones. The train rolled into the station and she found her seat and dumped her bags below the seat and accepted the entire weariness of the trip and of the past 2 years to get to her.

She woke up only when the official came around checking the ticket. She dragged her bag from beneath the seat and pulled out the ticket and a bottle of water. As the official checked the ticket she emptied the bottle of water and felt refreshed when she suddenly recalled carrying his diaries.

She had not given much thought to them nor did she think that they would contain anything of value as he usually just listed daily activities done in his diary. She pulled out one and flipped the hardcover. The diary was different. It did not have the year printed on either of them.

She opened the diaries to find the first date was dated 22 years into the future. It was confusing yet what intrigued her was that the pages were filled with the handwriting that she was familiar with.

She started reading. It was harmless and mundane daily stuff of waking up, coffee, work and food but then there was a woman and there was banter between him and the woman. This continued for

Some more pages and then there were admissions of love and what the last 2 decades have meant to him and what the woman meant to him.

She was impatient to know what he was talking about and flipped through the pages fast and found the final cover sheet loose. She found his writing filled with so much love that it hurt as much as it lifted her spirits. She hoped he was talking about but as a rational woman she wanted proof and as she picked the next diary she chanced on the inside of the final cover sheet and saw a picture of her and him in happier times.

She lost all composure and covered her mouth such that her crying was not heard by others. 6 hours into the train journey, she realized what she was holding in her hands.

She wanted the journey to end fast but the next 30 hours were going to be her personal hell. She realized he was seeing her as a life partner and the diaries were structured to give life to that future that they would share together. She was deliriously happy and yet very scared if she had lost out on the opportunity for a happy life with the man she was so madly in love with.

She thought she should just get off at the next station and go back but then it would be the middle of nowhere and she was no seasoned traveller. She decided to get back home and travel a faster trip back to the mountains. She was already jotting down details of how she would achieve this and all the contacts she would need to pull this fast trip.

As she did this the tears had slowed but not stopped. Thankfully the trains were not late and she reached her destination on time and she found animal energy in her to carry her to the nearest cab even though she had not slept a wink in the trains after reading the diaries.

She kept pushing the cab driver to get her home as fast as he could. As he stopped at her doorstep, she paid him hastily and did not wait to take the change and ran as fast as her legs could carry her with her luggage.

That was when she saw him. She did not recognize him for a moment without the beard and the neat shirt and hair all combed. She dropped all that she was holding and ran up to him and hugged him tight and cried her heart out and kissed him not caring that she was probably smelling of all the grime from long travel. All that came out of her mouth was “How?”

He smiled, “The air force guys gave me a lift to civilization. From then it was just a matter of tracking the train. Knowing that you don’t know the places and the routes helped me in guessing that you will want to come home first and with a plan for a faster trip back to the mountains.”

She hugged him tight, “I am not letting you go ever.”

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  1. July 26, 2012 at 3:38 pm

    Sriram – I have been missing your wonderful posts till now. This story is conventional, yet amazing in way it has been written. Liked it.

    • July 26, 2012 at 3:42 pm

      Thanks a lot Diwakar :).

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