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The Proposal – Part 2

Avinash had not laughed from his belly in a long time. It was refreshing but he realized he had to explain the reasons of his laughter to Monica who was still fuming.

He took a step back and sat on the sofa and looked at Monica. He wondered if this was the moment that could be recorded as the point where he saw Monica as beautiful when angry.

Her hair tied in bun and her casual clothes did little to hide her beauty and Avinash momentarily wondered if she would look like this each morning when they ended up together. Dragging himself back to reality, he said, “Thanks, I needed that jolt and you just made my day.” Monica was glowering. Avinash continued, “We need to plan how we are going to talk to our parents. Do you have any ideas?”

Monica was stumped. She was trying to find a handle on the situation but it seemed like there was none. She expected him to try and woo her and try and get her to calm but all she got was a question on how to plan and approach their parents. It made her angrier that she was not the central person in the story anymore and wanted to kick Avinash out of her house. Her calmer instinct reasoned that she had got a positive answer albeit in a roundabout manner.

Avinash sensed her turmoil but decided to play around a bit. “I will talk at my home and tell them about us,” he said and stood up to leave.

Monica was expecting a fight or some reaction from Avinash and all she got was a plan of action. As Avinash headed to the door she asked, “What about me?”

Spontaneity was not something that she expected from Avinash and nothing prepared her for what happened next. She was looking at the floor when Avinash closed in and snaked on arm by her waist and his other arm was on her neck and all she saw, was him closing in for a kiss.

She threw her arms around him and kissed back. Avinash broke the kiss and Monica held on. Avinash looked at her face and said, “If your boss ever makes a pass at you again, I will personally ensure he has a painful few months by breaking his hands and legs. No one makes a pass at my woman.”

Monica fell in love all over again with her anger from some time ago gone in an instant. She liked the fact that Avinash was possessive but he still had not told her that he loved her. He kissed her again and then turned to leave.

He grinned once he closed the door behind him. He realized that he had not said the three words that Monica wanted to hear; that he loved her. He was grinning because he was certain that this was going to be one of those memories whose details they were never going to forget in this lifetime and will forever be etched in their minds.

This moment was going to be a story that will be told a thousand times to all who want gossip without losing its charm.

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