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The Torturous Dream

It is cold and all the bones in my body are aching from being hanged by my hands. My toes are inches off the ground and I can taste my blood in my mouth from being tortured and the blood in my eyes blurs my vision

I am trying to remember what my name is and where I am but all I have is a void that is driving me mad. I am trying to reason with the people but I cannot seem to find my voice and I do not understand a word that they are speaking. All I see is someone entering the room and the pain going up a few notches.

I am now feeling peaceful and can see visions of people and their dreams, families, fears and hopes. It was odd yet liberating. I feel no pain and feel very free and warm. I could see the people in my dreams and their families as if I was floating above them. They suddenly turned hostile and wanted to capture and stop me.

As the warmth increases, I feel at peace and the people in his dreams became more real and are stopping me and trying to capture and torture me. Why are the kids part of my vision? I do not know if it’s real or a dream.

I just wanted to walk around and wished the people would just go away but I see them dropping dead. I saw them drop down lifeless. Was it a dream or was it real? I am not concerned about reality yet, I felt free and that mattered. I just wanted to go home. But where is my home?

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