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Woman, Keep Mum (Bai) No More

Most women have had a struggle since they were conceived. Mumbai or not, this identification has been a big problem since a long time. It does not affect every woman but it does affect a large section of women across India and I find it tough to believe that this might not be happening in Mumbai.

Ironically, women never decided the sex of the child. It’s always been the men that decided on the sex of the child. In this day and age, how many in the urban centres know about this scientific fact. More importantly, has it affected change in the mentality of the educated masses if they realize this fact.

Many believe that Mumbai is safe for women but I would disagree. I would venture to say that it’s safer than other cities but not totally safe. I as a guy don’t find it safe for my own sister so I have to use the same yard stick for every woman irrespective of the work they do.

On one side there are men and women who think as equals and that women can go out and achieve but at the other end of the spectrum is the patriarchal society that loves to control and oppress. I will also point fingers at women who have chosen a path and hope that all the other women inculcate the same values and walk the same road. There is little thought given to the fact that each road is different and each one walks alone in the road of their choice.

Women in one lifetime wear so many hats that its mind-boggling and at times soul crushing. What is truly suffocating is the statement that women need support. Support in this particular instance is either unconditional or give none at all.

I am confident that given the same environment as men, women could achieve as much as a man with same opportunities and maybe even more.

To say Mumbai is safe for women it has to welcome and celebrate womanhood in its totality irrespective of the time on the clock, the kind of work or attire that women wear.

Issues such as education, health, sanitation, transportation and financial freedom are the other areas that need to be strengthened to create a personal space for women. Beyond the obvious and apparently visible, the biggest change has to be societal values of every person; male and female.

We have to be able to curb influencers that provide strength to archaic societal values even if it means switching off the television that perpetuates a fixed image. The culprits are no longer limited to television soaps and news channels but also include the imagery of the print medium.

Beyond all these efforts the life of a woman as a daughter and later wife has to improve. It includes choices in aspects such as having a child, caring for her parents and family responsibilities.

I was aware of these issues before I went for the IndiChange Meet organized by IndiBlogger and Times of India hence I have decided to that this change begins with me.

I hereby promise to try to be a better man than before, stand up for women and hope that I am held to my word and constantly reminded that I gave a man’s word.

This post has been written for IndiChange: Mumbai for Women organized by Times of India and IndiBlogger.

  1. Dagny
    April 8, 2013 at 2:44 am

    May your tribe multiply Sriram… more power to you.

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