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The Sniper

The sniper had a clear line of sight and the targets were on time. He was a hired gun with an order to kill 2 people and injure one another. He took him time and squeezed off a shot from his large-caliber weapon.

There was a small commotion and the head of an eight year old kid exploded in front of her parents.

The mother was too shocked to scream though the crowd reacted with a horror reserved for only the worst calamity. The mother had lost her voice and the brain splatter was all over her and some of it had found its way into her mouth where she tasted the warm blood.

As she gathered her wits it was suddenly all over and silence ensued. A second shot had found her head and her husband was glued to the ground. The man had seen his family brutally assassinated in front of his eyes and his voice was lost.

The brain splatter from his daughter and wife was all over him and in front of him were 2 headless stumps which were his wife and daughter. The only thing he felt was a searing pain above his right knee and being knocked down. He tried to stand and run to his wife and daughter.

He looked down to see his right leg had been shot off and it lay a few feet away.

People ran amok and the remains of his family and his leg were trampled in the melee. The man shut his eyes and waited for death to come. His voice was lost.

The sniper calmly packed his gun and left his vantage point. He loaded his weapon in his car and blended into the evening traffic. He smiled. The job was perfectly executed.

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  1. June 10, 2013 at 7:37 am

    the scene was captured very well….but the thought process of the sniper could have been a little more elaborate
    and it was very brutal nd gave goose bums

    • June 22, 2013 at 4:30 am

      Thanks Karan. The idea was to make it brutal and instill disgust. I hope I was able to capture the scene truthfully.

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