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The Sniper – Part 2

Kumar lay in his bed pondering over the events that happened in the past 6 months. He was a well respected businessman and his respect was smashed to bits with the killing of his secret wife and daughter and he even lost his right leg.

His wife had left home once he recovered a little and was back home and she was not taking his calls. She had taken their son along and his only contact with his son was the cell phone that Kumar sneaked to his son through Naik, his trusted bodyguard.

As he lay recuperating, Naik stood watch and Kumar mindlessly switched channels sipping on his fruit juice. His phone began to ring and he placed the fruit juice aside and answered the call. “Kumar here,” he announced. The voice at the other end sent a jitter in his body. He had heard this voice before. “You were warned not to deal with some of the people if you wanted to be happy but you never really paid attention. You went ahead and doubled your business with them. I asked you to join me so I don’t have to hurt you but somehow you believed I was just a circus clown who will be taken care of by your big brother and continued with your life. I hope I have got your undivided attention now with my small reminder.”

Kumar froze and felt helpless as he remembered the day when his secret wife and daughter were killed by a sniper.  The voice on the call was mildly admonishing and yet Kumar could hear the glee and smile in the voice at the other end. The sniper continued, “Mr. Kumar, this is your second chance, join us or your son who looks quite a healthy person in the football gear will be the second reminder that I will have to send or you can still bet on your big brother and the consequences will just follow.”

The sniper cut the call and waited for reactions. He was waiting outside the building of Kumar in a small van that was tracking all the signals going out of the building and he had already tapped into Kumar’s landline and also had a tap inside the house. Now all he had to do was wait for Kumar to make the next move.

Predictably, the first call was traced to Kumar’s son and it was answered. The sniper was watching Kumar’s son some miles away by tapping into the security camera footage of the school that Kumar’s son was studying.

Kumar frantically called his son and he yelled into the phone, “Abhi, where are you now?” “At the football match, Dad” “Why do you ask?” Kumar’s son Abhishek was perplexed why his dad was calling him in the middle of a match. His father usually stuck to a scheduled time for calling him. Kumar was sweating , “Abhishek, do not argue, get indoors inside any building immediately. I am sending Naik to get you to my place.” Abhishek was finding his father’s request weird and wondered if his dad was ok or was he under the influence of any medical reaction. He reminded his father, “But I have a match and I am the team captain, Dad.”

Kumar lost his temper and yelled, “Abhishek, this is an order. Get into the school building and you are not to leave the building. I am sending Naik to get you home.” Kumar signalled to Naik and his bodyguard had already started moving before he had the chance to tell him to get his son.

The sniper waited patiently. This phone call was not of much interest to him. The second call that originated from Kumar’s phone was of interest to the sniper. Kumar dialled the number in haste, “Sir, it’s me. The shooter called again and is threatening to kill my son.” The voice at the other end barked viciously, “Have you lost your mind? Are you an idiot to use your regular phone to call me?”

Kumar was sweating and his hands were shaking. He realised what he had done but the fear that his son could be killed was driving him mad with fear and anger. He did not cut the call but started to beg, “But Sir, my only son is now in the line of fire.”

The voice at the other end of the call tersely advised, “Call me from a secure line,” and cut the call.

Kumar helplessly put his cell phone down.  He knew it would be a while before he could talk to his boss and he had to wait for Naik to come back with his son.

The sniper smiled. He had made Kumar make a mistake and technology had helped sniper the rest of the way.

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  1. Diwakar Narayan
    June 22, 2013 at 5:30 am

    I loved this one. Had to read the first part to understand it better. I’ll wait for the next 🙂

    • June 22, 2013 at 5:46 am

      It will be out soon :).

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