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The Sniper – Part 3

It was going to be a 2 hour-long wait before Kumar could get his boss on the phone. Kumar’s mind was going crazy and he looked at the time. He still had an hour to wait but he was now worried about his son, Abhishek.

As Kumar reached for his phone to call Naik and Abhishek, they walked in and Abhishek wanted to know what was this fuss all about.

Kumar asked Abhishek to relax and gave him a false story of someone wanting to kidnap Abhishek.

Abhishek left and Kumar resumed being lost in his thoughts. At the appointed time Naik called out to Kumar and reminded him of his call.

Kumar wheeled himself to the secure phone line and dialled the number. The familiar voice at the other end was calm and poised and Kumar explained the whole situation to his boss.

The sniper was listening into the call and tracking it. He got what he needed and the rest of the talk was not interesting. The sniper was interested in the person at the other end of the call.

The supposed security of the secure line at Kumar’s home was breached by the sniper a long time ago.

As Kumar finished the call, he was somewhat happy at the assurances of his boss. He turned his wheel chair only to see Naik point a gun to his head and squeeze the trigger. A silencer muffled the shot and Kumar’s brains splattered on the wall behind.

Naik emptied the safe of its contents in to a bag and silently walked out.

Naik knocked on the door of the van and the sniper and Naik drove away.

The sniper handed Naik the money in the bag and new passport and travel documents and gave a one word order, “Disappear.”

The sniper and Naik went their separate ways. The sniper decided to keep tabs on Naik. He knew Naik could be of use to him in future.

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