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The Sniper – Part 4

Meeta had a long day at work and as she entered her house she wanted to take a nice relaxing shower. She dropped her bags on the couch and entered the kitchen for a glass of water. She was a leading investigative journalist but she was angry at herself for not being able to solve a recurring crime that was taking place across various cities in India. Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad; no city was left out.

She had seen a systematic killing of people and some incriminating evidence against those killed was always left behind. When there were multiple killings or groups of people were killed, she saw a precision in the job that was evident to many. The killers were trained, probably some form of armed forces training but invisible and never left any trace behind. No one knew who they were and the government denied all knowledge.

As Meeta entered her bedroom all she saw was a shadow and a cold calm voice of a man who had covered her mouth, “Try not to yell. I get irritated and tend to lose control over my gun” said the man as he stepped back.

Meeta was scared as felt the cold metal of the gun on her cheek. She was breathing hard and fast as the man switched on the light. She saw the man standing in front of her was wearing a nicely tailored suit and he had silenced gun in his hand.

“Good evening,” he said. “And thanks for meeting me. I know it’s more of an imposition but I had little choice. I had to meet you. We know who you are and we also know you have been looking for us since some time.”

Meeta was sweating, the gun was not lowered yet and the calmness in the man in front of her was unnerving. “Who are you?” she asked.

“Forgive me,” said the man as he lowered his gun and holstered it. Meeta noticed that the gun holster was barely noticeable under the tailored suit. “I apologize for being such a brute and pointing the gun at you but you must understand it’s an occupational hazard and was the necessity for the moment. I did not want you raising an alarm on seeing me at home in your bedroom especially since we have never personally met and since you live all alone” said the man and moved slowly towards Meeta.

“Miss Meeta, you have been searching for us since sometime. We just wanted to show you how we did things.” Meeta still could not comprehend who this man was and what did he want with her. The man continued, “Would like tea or coffee? I would love a cup of tea. Just show me where you have the milk, sugar and tea leaves; I will make some for both of us.” Meeta took the milk out of the refrigerator and asked her question again, “Who are you?”

The man smiled and said, “You can call me John for now and right now I am your best friend.”

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