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The Sniper – Part 5

Meeta and John

John (making tea) – We are the people whom you have been searching for. The kill squad of the government as you called us. We liked that name. We have been tracking you track us and we are impressed with what you have found out about us.

Meeta – All I got was you guys are some form of armed forces trained guys and nothing more. You guys are like ghosts.

John – We prefer to be ghosts and don’t really like our names in newspapers and definitely don’t want to see our faces in newspapers or any media.

Meeta – Who are you guys really? Your demeanour is not like that of regulation army or any armed forces. The gun you carry is not locally made and those suits are tailor-made and the watch and shoes are expensive too.

John – Very astute observation. Please have the tea and I will give the whole story. But before I give you the whole story I will give you the reason why we contacted you.

Meeta – Ok, but I want the whole story.

John – A story with all the details and you can accompany us to some of our stakeouts and interceptions.

Meeta – I hope you are not kidding.

John – I am a man of my word and the reason we are letting you in is because we need the help of people like you in giving this a positive spin in the news. A large and influential voice like yours will surely make it bearable for us to continue working.

Meeta – But what you are doing is illegal and murder in cold blood.

John – That is true in a manner of speaking which is the reason we want to show you the entire operation so you understand why we do such things in the shadows.

Meeta – Ok

John – So are you ready for the answers. You can decide on the veracity of the truth in the answers. We will not obstruct your opinions.

John smiled and handed Meeta her tea.

John – (Sipping on his tea) We are a black ops team that work outside the purview of the regular agencies and outside the law. We report to no one but we do take some orders from some government departments. We are not above the law though. If we are caught in the act the government will prosecute us like common criminals or even shoot us. We have information sources in most organizations but we prefer to generate our own intelligence. We are a small team of professionals working across India.

Meeta – Where do you get your training from?

John – Mostly we hire ex-military guys to give us training but the future needs are taken care of internally. We have people with all sorts of skills from demolitions, snipers, surveillance of all kinds and even psychological profiling.

Meeta – Interesting. So you guys have no direct reporting structure and you guys are the unwanted children of a government program.

John – Something like that.

Meeta – How many teams operate like this in India and what is the size of the department?

John – We have 10 teams and each has 5 members with each member multitasking. Small but effective.

Meeta – Who controls the teams?

John – No one. When we are investigating and later going for interception we inform another team of our intentions and hand over a copy of the evidence we have collected. We have all the details of every operation we have conducted. Each team is a real team in all respects. We have to plan together and execute together so it does not matter who gives the idea. If the idea is good then it will be followed.

Meeta – Your method of killing is clinical and yet you have only taken out the smaller parts of a terrorist organization.

John – True. We are looking at the issue from the perspective of drugs. The simplest and most effective way to turn drugs unprofitable is not to kill the suppliers or the biggest of illegal buyers but to kill the roadside peddlers.

Meeta – I don’t get you.

John – Once the roadside peddlers feel the pinch and heat and a few are killed, the job gets more dangerous and people either stay away or demand a bigger percentage cut from the boss due to the dangers of being killed. Keep this pressure up and eventually the boss is not making profit and has to unload or destroy his drugs or find a new business. Kill the final link in the delivery chain and make it hard for the product to reach the street.

Meeta – That is dangerous. What if the bosses are able to coerce the peddlers to take the risk?

John – Keep taking out the final links until the final link grows weak and decides to stay out of the business. The idea is the creation of fear and maintaining it to a tipping point where either the bosses and suppliers quit or the peddlers quit. We do not care who quits first. We are more interested in the final impact.

Meeta – So you give the government the plausible deniability and use resources to create fear.

John – Correct. Most of our operations are about being clinical and also about sending a message that we are watching.

Meeta – Has it worked?

John – It has had its effects. The fear and paranoia have made them make costly mistakes that we have exploited to dig deeper and hurt them as much as possible. We had the opportunity to take some alive and interrogate them.

Meeta – What about after the interrogation?

John – We had to dispose of the bodies in a manner that no one knew so we burnt them to ash.

Meeta – What is the psychological profile of the people in this unit?

John – (Smiling) Now you are asking the questions that should make us scared of you and your active brain. (John continued) Most of us are from stable well-adjusted families. The psychological profiling stage is crucial for our unit. We look for empathy and malevolence, a rather odd mix but the ability to be human yet make the devil look like a simpleton is a requirement to be part of the group. We try to see the person beyond the normal. We look at the propensity of the person to spread violence and the ability to control it. Most of the recruits have to torture suspects and though we accept flinching at it we expect them to sleep fitfully after finishing the job.

The small size of our units is to ensure we are doing our jobs right and the information collected is not fabricated. We stay ghosts because we don’t want our families targeted. The truth is our families don’t know the kind of work we do.

Meeta saw a picture emerging. The person in front of her was a clod blooded killer who could calmly kill her and then go to a friend’s wedding and enjoy a nice evening with his friends and not once think of the cold-blooded killing he executed a few hours earlier

A chill ran down her spine that she was having tea with such a man and still living, breathing and thinking but she had other worries; what happens when they finish drinking the tea?

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