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The Sniper – Part 6

Meeta and John

Meeta was lost in thought and sipping on her tea. She never saw the hand come close to take her tea-cup and she was startled and worried.

John – I think you are over-thinking what we do. We are regular guys with a job and someone has to do it so we look at it as a day job much like yours.

Meeta – Why not gather the proof and get them to the court?

John – To what end. The evidence would either be inadmissible or the statements would be retracted. The idea is to send a message that we are on the offensive and we do not care how many terrorists they create and send. We intend to kill them not give them individual cells to live out their lives. Many of them are citizens of this country and if the government decides on capital punishment then there are clemency pleas and threats that an action will derail peace somewhere. This system is simpler. We report to some authorities but we keep them from completing their goals.

We leave the evidence behind to satisfy the news agencies and the cops and it also helps in alienating the family from the world of crime and terrorism to a certain extent.

Meeta – You probably have an answer for human rights violations and this keeps you out of Geneva Conventions.

John – The people who the terrorists kill are also humans with equal rights and in a war of such ideologies, its best to put ones ideologies with one’s country and its people. As for the conventions, those apply for armed forces. We are a black ops covert team that if caught, are disavowed and allowed to rot in prison.

Meeta – So why do it?

John – Personally, it makes me feel like James Bond only without the gadgets and the girls and the cool name. My boss though is much similar to M and quite the irritant.

Meeta – The politicians allow this to happen under their noses and you work with impunity.

John – Politicians don’t know we exist. We report to the ever working bureaucracy. Politicians come and go every five years and most times earlier these days. If some politician tries to get too close and question too hard we take care of the erring politician democratically.

Meeta – Democratically? What on earth does that mean?

John – We leak secrets of the politician to the press and make him untouchable even to his own party. We weaken his caste connection by showing he is just a black sheep. This way the politician is fighting his demons and by the time he gets done with his wars and fire fighting, he has lost his political career and clout.

Meeta – So you are connected and repugnant too?

John – (Smiling) Very much so. So would you like to join me on a stake out and possible interception of terrorist activities in India?

Meeta considers her options and accepts with the knowledge that she will get to see the inner workings of the elusive killers she was tracking but there was a doubt in her mind that was gnawing away; were these people trustworthy and why invite her to watch the way they work? The reason about the positive spin was really not convincing her.

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  1. June 23, 2013 at 5:27 am

    So far, so good, till now. Loving it.. I would have loved John abduct the lady and really show her rather than telling all the story. That way, she may be realized the truth herself!

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