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The Act

He had an epileptic seizure and lay writhing on the floor. One of the terrorists kicked him around. The terrorist was enjoying it while the hostages watched. Some of the hostages had an upsurge of anger while some were worried for the poor soul.

The terrorists were having a jolly laugh.

They never saw him recover, stick a pen into the throat of one of the terrorists and acquire a Glock 17 from the terrorist’s shoulder holster.

He emptied the 17 rounds into the remaining 2 terrorists using the terrorist he stabbed as a shield.

The human shield was an unnecessary precaution. The other hostage takers died laughing and were nowhere near ready to retaliate.

It all ended in few seconds and was a blur for the rest of the hostages.

He let his human shield drop to the ground and the terrorist was writhing, trying to breathe.

He calmly ejected the empty clip and reloaded with a new one from the hostage taker’s bags.

He smiled widely at the writhing terrorist on the floor and exclaimed, “Nice acting, huh!”

He shot the terrorist in cold blood with an evil smile plastered across his face.

All the terrorist could see was the grin as darkness engulfed.

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  1. July 6, 2013 at 6:51 am

    Liked the sudden turn, though in the beginning. Nice one, Sriram.

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